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Sector solutions

Stable. Versatile. Tailor-made. The right packaging for your requirement.

Product overview


For the automotive industry traytec manufactures disposable and reusable trays for various purposes


The disposable tray is intended for single use. It is preferably used for transportation of goods to distant countries. The disposable tray is manufactured on fully automatic lines in material thicknesses from 0.3 mm to 2.0 mm.

Advantages of disposable trays

  • are generally less expensive than reusable trays
  • do not have to be cleaned because they are used only once
  • do not cause return transport costs
  • Individual sizes and shapes
  • low weight
  • open or as folding blister

The reusable tray is intended for repeated use. It is often used on shorter transport routes, for example within the production site and/or to neighboring countries. The reusable tray is produced on semi-automatic lines in material thicknesses from 2.0 mm to 12.0 mm.

Advantages of reusable trays

  • are a good basis for calculation due to the one-time purchase costs
  • are environmentally friendly
  • are sustainable



Electrically conductive honeycomb backings.


Workpiece carriers for electronic components

For sensitive components in the electronics industry, traytec GmbH manufactures packaging solutions made of materials with different dissipative properties. The special carrier systems not only prevent a possible electrostatic charge, but also dissipate existing ones at the same time.

Materials used:

  • PS-EL (surface resistance <108 Ohm)
  • A-PET dissipative (surface resistance 109-11 Ohm)
  • A-PET PTD dissipative (surface resistance 109-11 Ohm)

During production, ESD volume and conductivity measurements are performed and recorded for each production order.

traytec GmbH attaches great importance to easy handling of its carrier systems: on the one hand, the dimensional accuracy of the inner contours enables simple robot-assisted operation. On the other hand, ergonomic handles on the sides of the trays ensure comfortable and safe work during classic manual handling.

Medicine & Pharmaceutical

trays for sensitive medical and pharmaceutical products


For the medical and pharmaceutical industry, traytec produces special packaging in the ISO Class 8 clean room using FDA-approved material for:

  • Ampoules
  • Inhalers
  • Syringe bodies
  • Articulated balls
  • and many more





Tray for food transportation


Packaging for fruit and vegetables sales packaging

For the food industry, traytec manufactures in an ISO Class 8 clean room using food-grade plastics:

  • Packing for fruit and vegetables
  • Sales packaging for ham



Display's for various applications


Display for various industries

traytec manufactures displays from a wide variety of materials, for example polystyrene, ABS and PET, for a wide range of industries.
The plastics are customized in terms of color.


  • Special packaging for the cosmetics industry
  • Special packaging for the consumer goods industry
  • Special solutions of any kind