You need support, or a crucial idea for the perfect packaging?

First, you have a workpiece that quickly and cost-effectively should package and which should arrive safely at the customer.

How do I pack my workpiece securely and inexpensively?

These and many other thoughts haven´t led you to the optimal target? By then you should contact us.

Together we will discuss the packagingalternatives in the form of a tray for your workpiece, whose requirements and specifications.

At first we provide a solution in the form of a 3D-model.

It is a nest of the workpiece carrier. Possible corrections will be inserted in the design after the initial test by the customer, until you are satisfied with the solution.


The tool

Example: Aluminium tool
Example: Aluminium tool

After release of the drawing and 3D-model we make the aluminum tool. This tool will be final processed in our company. Then initial samples are created.

After release of the initial samples, we start the production of the series.

The production facilities are continually modernized and expanded. We deliver your trays on time to you or by appointment at the address specified by you, for example to your plant inland or abroad.